Plains, Trains and AlsoBobWills: CD
  • Plains, Trains and AlsoBobWills: CD
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At Last. Miss Devon & the Outlaw (Devon Dawson & Jessie Robertson) are releasing PLAINS, TRAINS, and ALSOBOBWILLS. Four years in the making, produced by our beloved Rich O'Brien, his exquisite taste and attention to detail is the master touch that pulled our fine mess together. Our eternal gratitude goes to our engineer, Aarom Meador, for keeping this train on the right track.

The 14 tracks feature three of our award-winning duet arrangements, and our own long-awaited version of Ranger Doug's "Jessie, the Yodelin' Cowgirl". There are three Bob Wills chestnuts, including a confectionary mash-up; a dreamy Dale Evans ballad; a groovin' Michael Martin Murphey song; a Rusty Richards gem; three originals (one from each of us, plus one which Devon’s steam-buff, guitar pickin' father penned in the early 1950s); and Curtis Doss's exquisite-but-obscure western hymn, "Dusty Trails".

Labor of pure D love. Enjoy, Devon Dawson & Jessie Robertson

I never expected to hear my own voice put me in such a bind, but I appreciate the hard work put in on these tracks by Rich and Aarom, and I will never be able to thank them enough for making me sound so good. Also, it was an honor to perform the Milk Cow Blues sax solo on 'Debbie Jo', which allowed my late wife, Debbie, to join in on the fun. Jessie Robertson

“I wouldn’t say that doing a recording project with Miss Devon and the Outlaw is always a rodeo, but it is certainly always an adventure. I find myself getting frightened during the recording process, wondering just where we’re trying to go, and what we’re trying to do with some of the material. This is mostly because I move pretty slowly, and Devon is clipping along at an average of Mach II. But I’ve learned that if I permit nature to take its course (somewhat), and loosen the reins on my ideas of “correct harmony”, resist giving inaccurate Spanish lessons, and simply allow Devon and Jessie to do what they do –their way – the end result is pretty durn satisfactory to most everyone’s ears. Miss Devon and the Outlaw always bring interesting tunes to the studio; but this collection of songs is, to me, their most interesting. They have, as a kind of Western Music archaeological team, dug up some rare treasures in the Western Americana vein, as well as delighting us with originals penned by each of them… GOOD STUFF! As bonus treats, Jessie plays a fine tenor sax solo on “Milk Cow Blues” and “Chuckwagon Chuck” Dawson aces some tasty harmonica into some of the tracks, and an oh-so-essential component in the duo is Miss Devon's superlative rhythm guitar skill. Lastly, and, as always, the album (yes, some of us still use that term) would simply lack the quality that makes it shine, were it not for the skill, high standards, and personal involvement, as an integral element of a creative team that doctor Aarom “Casey” Meador contributes to each and every project. I will enjoy ' Plains, Trains and AlsoBobWills" for a long time" Richard E. “Badger” O’Brien

  1. Pliney Jane 2:45 Cindy Walker, © Oree Music BMI (additional verse by JD Robertson & Devon Dawson 2010) Recorded by Roy Rogers, Bob Wills, Bill Gilbert, this little ditty gets things goin’ every time. Pick it, Rich!

  2. Great Basin Waltz 3:52 Richard Elloyan / Buckaroo Moon Publishing BMI Penned by a true Nevada balladeer, this beauty captures the pure romance in western music. (International Western Music Association harmony award winner)

  3. Jessie, the Yodelin’ Cowgirl 3:24 Douglas B. Green / Wonderland Music Pub./ Pixar Music Devon recorded in late 1999 with the legendary Riders In the Sky, on “WOODY’S ROUNDUP”, their Grammy-winning Disney cd from Toy Story 2. This song was one of two RITS compositions that Devon sang in persoan as “Jessie’ on the cd, now re-worked to include Outlaw Jessie Del. Ranger Doug heartily approves.

  4. On The Trail 4:27 Music by Ferde Grofe (1931), Lyrics by Harold Adamson & Jon Hendricks, (ca. 1962) © EMI Robbins Catalog Inc. and Harold Adamson Music Other lyric Gus Kahn (1935), additional lyric Devon Dawson, arrangement by Miss Devon & the Outlaw 2012 Based on the 3rd movement of Grand Canyon Suite, we worked this up in honor of the Arizona Centennial. Note the stunning work by Rich on baritone electric guitar, and Gary Carpenter on steel guitar. “Get up there, Mule!!”. (International Western Music Association harmony award winner)

  5. Milk Cow Blues 4:00 Kokomo Arnold (1934) Universal Music Corp Rich says "this cut is Beale Street on steeroids..." From his irrepressible vocal to his stealthy sax solo, we just let Outlaw go on this one.

  6. The Texican's Prayer 3:53 Devon Dawson /MD Buckethead Music (2002,2018) Reflections on the postscript of Col. William B. Travis’ letter, calling for re-enforcements to the Alamo, under siege in March 1836 - a moment in time ….

  7. Hazy Mountains 3:38 Ray Evans / Sony/ATV Harmony Roy & Dale loved their high desert home, above the Los Angeles basin. Apple Valley provided a respite from the roar, miles away, below Cajon Pass and the hazy San Gabriels.

  8. Two Lumps O' Sugar: (medley) 3:36 Sugar Blues by Lucy Fletcher & Clarence Williams (1919 public domain) I Call My Baby My Sugar aka ‘That Sugar Baby O’ Mine’ by Maceo Pinkard, Edna Alexander & Sidney D. Mitchell (1926)/ Emi Robbins Catalog Inc. The art of the jazzy mash-up: sometimes you just gotta make dissimilar parts fit together. Tasty trumpet work by our amigo, Michael ‘Mo-Bettah’ Moore.

  9. Diesel Engine On The Cannonball 3:06 Phil Claude ‘Ryan’ Osborne (1952) MD Buckethead Music 2018 Born in 1918, and raised in rural Missouri, Devon’s dad wrote this vivid protest song as an anthem for a generation, who were set to dreamin’ by the long, low call of the steam locomotives, working down the valley at midnight…

  10. I'm Just A Cowboy 3:58 Jessie D. Robertson /Sharin’ the Moon Records (2008) There is nothing like the satisfaction a man gets from the good work of his hands.
    We need this.

  11. Border Affair aka ‘Spanish Is The Loving Tongue’ 3:48 Charles Badger Clark, Jr., Marc Williams Ellis / Emi Unart Catalog Inc: One of the great original cowboy poets, Clark wrote this venerated poem in 1907 poem, and it was set to simple music by 1925 by Billy Simon. Since then, every time it has been recorded, it has acquired deeper beauty and pathos. Our unique arrangement adds the dimension of seeing it from both sides. (International Western Music Association harmony award winner)

  12. Back When The Longhorn Was King 2:48 Rusty Richards/Saddleback Pub. Devon just happened to hit the record video button on her phone at a late-night jam session with Dave Bourne in Elko, NV, one cold February night.
    Dave sang this one, and she was entranced. One to share around many campfires.

  13. Faded Blues 3:35 Michael Martin Murphey, Ryan Murphey, & Pat Flynn / © Patrick Flynn d/b/a Mea Culpa Music, Rocking Three M Music, and Wrong Man Music. We just latched onto this one and made it our own!

  14. Dusty Trails 3:44 Curtis Doss (1960)/©Clearbox Rights LLC o/b/o Stamps Quartet Music We are honored to record this little-heard song of faith. May it bless your dusty Trail.

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Where in the Dickens R U?   CD
  • Where in the Dickens R U?   CD
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Coming to you from the 2013 New Horizon Wrangler Award Winning Duo Miss Devon and the Outlaw.

1.   Pistol Packin' Mama  3:36
2.   Keeper Of My Heart  4:03
3.   On The Mesa  3:10
4.   Pinto Beans  3:25
5.   Maria Elena  4:54
6.   Mejor Que Nada  3:37
7.   Where In The Dickens Are You?  4:41
8.   Winds Of THe West  3:06
9.   Dancin' Dan  3:12
10. I'm A Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas  5:42
11. Man Walks Among Us  3:46

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Keepin Your Head Above the Water:  CD
  • Keepin Your Head Above the Water:  CD
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1.    Where's My Cowboy?  2:51
2.    Keepin' Your Head Above the Water  4:12
3.    Wild Women of the Rodeo  4:00
4.    Crawdad Swing  3:02
5.    Wild Stick Horse Remuda  3:37
6.    Cute Boot  3.16
7.    A Tad Above the Rest  3:46
8.    Sunray  3:00
9.    Detour  3:09
10.  Rodeo Rascals  4:27
11.  on the front porch  0:58
12.  Old Bill Picket  4:18
13.  DCU Blues  3:31
14.  Mitzi Took a Ride  2:48
15.  Trail Boss  3:46

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City of Dreams: CD
  • City of Dreams: CD
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New for 2016! This compilation of 19 engaging gems includes long-awaited new tracks from the award-winning duo 'Miss Devon and the Outlaw', several Devon Dawson originals, some of her favorite vocals from her years with 'The Texas Trailhands', and two swingy cuts from 'Badger & the Belles'.

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Palaka: CD
  • Palaka: CD
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Miss Devon has outdone her self with her New Original Song "Palaka". Palaka is a traditional fabric worn by the Paniolo, the Hawaiian word for cowboy. The flip side is our exclusive mashup arrangement of two songs both called "Hawaiian Cowboy".

  1. Palaka
  2. Hawaiian Cowboy
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The 'I Kissed The Outlaw Jessie Del' t-shirts were created by Jessie Robertson, as a fundraiser for the Western Music Association (WMA) Crisis Fund.

He says, "I'm a two-time cancer survivor and was a member of the WMA when it hit me the second time. The WMA contacted me during the second bout, and offered financial aid from the Crisis Fund, to help with the medical costs. My insurance was such that I didn't really need the help, but the offer so touched me that, with WMA approval, I created this $20.00 FUN-raiser, which includes a t-shirt and a very special 'Pepe Le Pew" kiss for the ladies at our shows."

The duo is selling the shirts online for $25.00, which includes shipping. You can trust Outlaw Jessie Del to send $20 for each t-shirt purchase to the WMA CRISIS FUND. Miss Devon is keepin' a close eye on 'im... Thank you so much for your support!

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