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Miss Devon and the Outlaw can appear at, in, on, or for Ranches, Ranch Resorts, Rallies, Restaurants, Rodeos 'n Rainforest, Dances, Dog Shows, Dinners 'n Diners, Fairs, Festivals 'n Films, Conventions, Coffee Shops, Convalescent Homes, Concert Halls, Cruise Ships, Casinos, Radio Stations, Carnivals, State Fairs, Cowboy Gatherings, Cowboy Churches 'n Chuck Wagons, Special Retreats, Saloons, Salons, Schools, Shindigs, Surprise Parties 'n Street Dances, Bar-B-Ques, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceañera, Buckboards 'n barn Dances, Shoot-outs, Cookouts 'n Campouts, Horse Barns, Hayrides, House Concerts 'n Hospital Functions, Museums 'n Masquerade Parties, Motor Clubs, Book Clubs 'n Gun Clubs, Trail Drives, Trail Rides, Train Rides 'n Tea Parties, Fund Raisers, Sports Events, Speedways 'n Ski Resorts, Libraries, Luaus 'n Little Folks' Birthdays, Weddin's 'n Wakes, Mobile Home Parks, City Parks, State Parks, National Parks, Theme Parks 'n Water Parks, Anniversaries, Family Reunions, High School Reunions 'n Military Reunions, Foreign Legion Halls, American Legion Halls 'n Veterans of Foreign Wars, Tour Groups Domestic 'n Foreign,  Mountains, Valleys, Canyons 'n Islands.  If you have any other ideas, we're open to almost anything.

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"Miss Devon and The Outlaw appear most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays with The Camp Meeting Boys at senior living/care facilities throughout Tarrant County, sponsored by Heartland Alliance, America's Association for Telemedicine and Dental Services.